If you are just new to Vietnam, going for a motorbike trip will be the best way to explore the whole country through luxurious cities, peaceful towns, and local villages. Meanwhile, you are getting the basis of Vietnamese culture and feeling part of Vietnamese life. So, let’s make your motorbike trip in Vietnam well-organized with our guide today. Don’t miss it out!

Get ready and stay motivated

Riding your motorbike for your first trip to Vietnam will be extremely memorable. You will have to prepare to get to know a new language, culture, food, and so on. It may be overwhelming at first if you have no plan or preparation. Going with a group will be much better. 

Figure out your specific schedule, what you want to do together with your fellow-drivers. Keep your adventure soul at heart! Or else, pick any random motorcycle tour to make your journey much enjoyable and easier.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental Price
Vietnam Motorbike Rental Price

Know the weather

Vietnam has three different climatic zones and the weather in each zone is actually different. So, it’s necessary for you to choose the best time of the year and location to enjoy the perfect weather there. Some regions are the best choice to ride in the summer, others in the winter. If you enjoy normally fantastic riding, warmer and dryer months would be great. Meanwhile, colder winter months are perfect for thrill-seekers who love mysterious, empty, yet chilly riding.

In northern Vietnam, it often rains from May to August. Dryness occurs in almost the rest of the year while it is often chillier and gray from December to March.

If you would like to visit Central Vietnam, avoid the rainy season running from October through January. The ideal time for your adventure is from February to May. Be prepared if you want to come in other months, especially summertime since the temperature is constantly high. 

For southern Vietnam, the temperatures for most of the year is always around 30°C. Then, May to November welcomes your journey with heavy rains. So, consider everything clearly before you start your first Vietnam motorcycle trip.

Decide the route

Many backpackers prepare their trips from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi in about two weeks or less. The journey can be a mix of limestone ridges, white sand beaches, and endless terraced fields. Actually, your trip will be much easier and more enjoyable with established routes. 

Riding from Hanoi to Saigon on a two-wheel is extremely popular in Vietnam. The essential gear allows tourists to explore the most beautiful scenery the best. For the fans of high mountain experience, head west toward the Hanoi-Laos border. Here, you can make your way up and down to sightsee picture-like valleys, endless rice terraces, steep mountains, winding roads, and jungled limestone cliffs. They are all jaw-droppingly beautiful. 

Once you’ve decided to travel over the stunning country, you will also have the chance to get to know unique history, special culture, and even irresistible natural in each and every region. Don’t forget to set your exploration soul on the Mekong Delta.

Rent or buy your bike: What’s better?

Wherever your adventure starts from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, it is a must to find a good-quality bike. Some travelers prefer renting ones while others opt for buying their own first and then selling them at the end of their journeys. Or else, go for a second-hand if you are prepared to stop several times for repairs. 

You can purchase any new motorbike in the backpacker districts in both cities. For used bikes, they are also found in rental shops. If money doesn’t matter, come for reliable and high-quality ones from big brands like Honda Wins or Yamaha Nouvos. These two options are easy to operate, especially for beginners. 

In case you are an experienced off-road rider, you can choose dirt bike rental services of a prestigious company for weeks or months. Some outstanding dirt bikes for rent are HONDA XR150L, HONDA CRF250L, SUZUKI DRZ400 or HUSQVARNA FC450 from $25/day at BM Travel Adventure, located at No.36, Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, where you also can book Vietnam motorbike tours. 

Traveling by motorbike is relatively risky. Therefore, you need to ensure the body’s safety with protective equipment, particularly a helmet. Don’t refuse when the bike rental companies give you a heavy helmet! It has a number of benefits. 

How do we organize motorbike tours in Vietnam
How do we organize motorbike tours in Vietnam

What to pack

Prepare a traveler backpack weighting around 60-75 liters. Only bring along what you really need, not your whole world inside. Decide the amount of clothing depending on the length of your journey. Since motorbike trips aren’t a clean affair, a good jacket mixed with a poncho, or rain pants are necessities when heavy rains fall. Well, always be prepared for unexpected weather! 

A med-kit, water bottle, larger spare gas bottle are also smart choices. If you are interested in camping, a tent, hammock, and mosquito net should be added, plus a comfortable blanket. Good preparation will add safety to your first motorbike trip in Vietnam. 

Last but not least, yeah, money. Right, you need enough expenses for bike rental, fuel, accommodation, food & drinks, and additional costs like entrance tickets for attractions, motorbike repairs, and many others. Make a list first and then pack essential things. Then, everything will be in order. 

Driving license

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Actually, once you’ve come to Vietnam, you do need an International Driving Permit (IDP) combined with local insurance which can permit foreigners to drive in Vietnam. An IDP actually can’t help you out of trouble whenever you are pulled over, but you will feel much more comfortable with it. 

Final word, 

Since you’ve patiently read all of our sharings until here, we believe that you and your fellow drivers will have the best preparation for the upcoming trip. A motorbike road trip is obviously an exciting travel experience. It will be much more interesting if you can deal with it.

Wish you have an amazing motorbike trip in Vietnam with lots of fun. And, safety first. Don’t forget that, everybody!

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