Cao Bang is the beautiful land territory located in Northern Vietnam. It owns a melting pot of astonish nature as well as long-established cultures of ethnic groups. A journey to Cao Bang will leave you unforgettable memories of immense forests, dreaming waterfalls, majestic mountains together with an amazing experience with local cuisine, costumes, and customs. Hopefully, our detail guides to this destination will be useful advice for your Vietnam tours in Cao Bang.

Things to Do and See in Cao Bang

Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark:

Located in the north of Vietnam, 300km from Hanoi Capital, Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark covers an area of 3,000km2. Cao Bang is the place which famous for many caves, stalactites, columns and stone. This is a rare land where tourists can know more about the history of over 500 million years of the Earth via the remnants and well-known for its high biological diversity with abundant endemic flora-fauna species and ecosystems.

Cao Bang’s cultural consist of 8 ethnic groups (Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, San Chi, Lo Lo, Kinh, Chinese) and each of them has its own unique cultural heritage.

Ban Gioc Waterfall, Vietnam local tours

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Considered as a breathtaking masterpiece of nature, Ban Gioc Waterfall can charm anyone only at the first sight. Set feet in the cool water; listen to the soft sound of streams falling down from the cliffs and enjoy the fresh air will be absolutely one of the most peaceful moments ever in your life.

Nguom Ngao Cave

Nguom Ngao Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam because of their stalactites and stalagmites which make visitors scream “wow” and the legend behind the 300-year-old cavern. The temperature in the cave is about 18 to 25 degrees Celsius which is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A visit to Nguom Ngao Cave will give you wonderful experience beyond your imagination.

Thang Hen Lake

This place is blessed with lush greenery, sparkling water like diamonds which can bend around the valley. What specializes the lake is that its water level rises and falls in a day creating the different beauties. In the morning, Thang Hen Lake becomes a magical mist layer of clouds surrounding around mountains. At noon, the lake is the perfect combination of green grass, pink, yellow flowers, blue-jaded water and the bright sunlight. When the sun goes down, the garden is sparkling like thousands of diamonds.

In addition, Cao Bang has many historical sites such as Pac Bo Cave, Coc Bo Cave, Lenin Stream, and Khuoi Nam Stream.

Cao Bang Culture

Cao Bang is a famous place with many ethnic groups people, whose plentiful traditions and beliefs. Among all of them, the Tay group is the biggest group, making up a large proportion of Cao Bang’s population. This unique ethnic community has own handwriting which is showed in Vi and Then singing festival. Visitors have an opportunity to experience and get acquainted with the different culture of different ethnic groups through many festivals.

People in Cao Bang are very hospitable and friendly because there are many tourists come here to travel. To express their hospitality, they often invite tourists to drink traditional wine. Therefore, according to the Cao Bang travel experience of people who have come here, visitors should drink a little in responding to the host’s enthusiasm.

Cuisine in Cao Bang

Tourists have the chances to try amazing cuisine that bring cultural traditions. Regardless of what you choose, these experiences will stick to the minds and tongues of travelers and food lovers. Consider some recommend foods in Cao Bang below:

Dishes Made from Bumblebees

The bee larvae which separated from the honeycomb often fat and white. The best way to cook is to fry with sour pickles, which are fat and sour and crunchy from the bees and asparagus. Another way is making porridge with bees. Cao Bang’s people also often bring hive, the big ones are used to soak in wine, and the smaller ones are to eat.

Sour Pho of Cao Bang

Cao Bang Pho is a must-try specialty thanks to the softness of rice vermicelli, the fleshy of the liver, bacon, roasted duck, chili spices, pork’s intestine, and extra of peanuts…

Ban Gioc Waterfall, Vietnam local tours

Cao Bang Ant’s eggs Cake

To make this cake, local people have to go to the forest, and not any ants can eat. They collect eggs from black ants because only these eggs can be eaten. Ant’s eggs cake are made from flour, egg ants, and fig leaves. Eggs are rich in nutrients and fat. Thanks to the fat of the eggs, the bold flavor of onions, and the fleshy of fig leaves, ant’s eggs cake become special cuisine you must try when visiting Cao Bang.

Roasted Ducks of Cao Bang

The meat is very tough and solid, and visitors should chew slowly to ensure that they cannot miss any flavors. The sweet of honey mixed with the fat of the oil and solid meat made each bite closer to heaven.

Deep inside each duck piece, there is the taste of the olive leaves, bitter, but makes the meat even more flavorful. The secret to the success of the dish is the sauce of seven flavors. Some people try to find its ingredients but only Cao Bang people can know that.

Cao Bang Travel Guides

Weather in Cao Bang

Most of Cao Bang’s topography is mountainous areas so the climate here is cool in the summer and cold in the winter.

Best Time to Visit Cao Bang

No matter when you travel in Cao Bang, it will bring for you new and special feelings and distinct beauties on each season. However, according to Cao Bang’s travel experiences, Cao Bang attracts the most visitors in two times a year:

From August to September:

For people who want to see the fanciful waterfall

Non Nuoc in Cao Bang, Vietnam Local Tours

From November to December:

It time Cao Bang covered by triangular circuit flower and Mexican Sunflower

Summer is also the good season for you to travel to Cao Bang. You can visit the mountain in the forest, watching the fish in the stream. Especially, the summer is the plentiful plum season in the mountains of Cao Bang. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the plum forest and many other summer fruits.

How to Get to Cao Bang from Hanoi

By Car Passenger

With reasonable prices and convenient amenities, car passengers are a good choice to travel to Cao Bang.

Travel time: Around 7 hours
Ticket price: From VND 170.000 to VND 200.000

Departure places:

My Dinh bus station (No. 20 Pham Hung St, Tu Lien District)
Giap Bat bus station (Km6, Giai Phong St, Hoang Mai District)

Some recommended car passengers

Thanh Ly Car Passenger
: My Dinh Station
: +84 944 266 266 or +84 916 121 888

Mai Luy Car Passenger
: My Dinh Station
: +84 913 252 888 or +84 962 377 272

Car passengers often leave at night, visitors should contact the car owner before going to book a ticket, it makes your trip more convenient and easier.

By Motorcycle

Visitors who have a passion for discovering new things and places like going to Cao Bang by motorbike. If travelers decide Cao Bang by bike, they can choose Hanoi expressway to Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan and then go through Highway 3 to come Cao Bang center. However, there are many risks when you drive a long road because there are many dangerous pass and large trucks, you should go with people who have a lot of experience.

Some recommended company for hiring motorcycles

Van Chinh Company
Address: No. 24D Ta Hien St, Hoan Kiem District
Tel: +84 989 595 533

Bon Bon Motor
Address: No. 246 Ton Duc Thang St, Dong Da District
Tel: +84 125 5225 555

Where to Stay in Cao Bang

Despite being a remote province, there are many hotels and resorts for visitors.

Some Suggested Cao Bang Hotels:

Bang Giang Hotel
Address: No. 1 Kim Dong, Hop Giang District
Tel: +84 206 3853 431

Hoang Anh Hotel
Address: No. 131 Kim Dong, Hop Giang District
Tel: +84 983 963 889

Transportation in Cao Bang

The road from Cao Bang Province to tourist place is quite difficult to go; therefore, visitors should rent the car with a driver who has a lot of experience.

If you go by personal vehicles such as motorbike or car, pay attention to the safety of brakes, tires, chains … and do not forget to bring all the vehicle registration and common tools repair vehicles!

Useful Information for a Perfect Cao Bang Tour

Travel to Cao Bang, visitors should understand the customs of ethnic people to avoid the taboo. For example, if you see the house which has a green leaf in front of the door, do not come in because it is a sign not to allow strangers to enter. Remember when entering the house, you should not touch any host worship objects in the house or turn back the sacred place.

Thang Hen Lake, Vietnam tour packages
Remember to bring sunblock cream, sunglasses, hats in summer because the weather is quite hot
Wear lightly; bring sneakers for walking and climbing.
Don’t forget to bring your own medication to prevent climate change.
One tip for all trips is that do not forget to book the hotel room before going to make sure that your trip is always well served.


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