It is undoubted that the flawless beauty of Vietnam comes not only from its stunning landscapes but also from the characteristics of Vietnamese people. For a long time, the world may only know Vietnamese as the combative warriors. However, they actually are extremely gentle, friendly and warm-hearted in the normal life. Therefore, this article will help you have a deeper understating about Vietnamese people’s typical characteristics.

Vietnamese People – Hospitable & Friendly

The Vietnamese people are kind of timid, especially women since they are often taught to be cautious of strangers. That’s why Vietnamese people find it hard to start a conversation with someone right after meeting them. Another reason may be the lack of confidence in their language skills; which makes it difficult for them to break the ice with a foreigner.

hospitable vietnamese people

However, Vietnamese people are actually very friendly and sociable with other. All you need to do is make a smile and actively talk to them, and surprisingly they will quickly turn into lovely hosts.

Vietnamese People – Hard-Working

The Vietnamese people, especially Vietnamese women, often start their day in an extremely early hour and finish it late. Imaging that if you wake up at 2 a.m when it is dark outside, you may still see the image of some street vendors who carry loads of bread wandering around the street to sell food for night owls. Besides, this good characteristic is frequently expressed in Vietnamese proverbs or saying, such as “Có công mài sắt có ngày nên kim” (Hard work pays off) or “Tay làm hàm nhai, tay quai miệng trễ” (No bees, no honey, no work, no money).

hard-working vietnamese people

Vietnamese People – Family-Oriented

Having strong family ties is another wonderful personality of Vietnamese people, which means they passionately devoted to their family. Each holiday or festival, such as New Year’s Eve or Mid-Autumn Festival, is a perfect time for family members to get together and be more close-knitted. Whenever they feel exhausted and tired, the best motivation to carry on is their sweet home where all family members always stand by their side no matter what happens.

extended family of vietnamese people

Vietnamese People – High Sense of National Pride

It is undeniable that the nationalism of the Vietnamese people is extremely high. Have you ever seen a little boy consistently volunteering to become a soldier in the bloody war to protect the national border although he knows for sure that “death keeps no calendar”? Nowadays, this spirit even grows stronger. Let’s take the conflict over the East Sea between Vietnam and China in 2011 for example. It was reported that it was discussed in every corner around Vietnam, and every single Vietnamese was willing to protect this national sea border. Or simply a final football match can effortlessly take the high sense of national pride to a new level as the Vietnam national football team has recently won the AFF Cup. If you visited Vietnam these days, you might feel way too surprised to see the national flag of Vietnam was all over the whole country.

national pride of vietnamese people

Vietnamese People – Modest but Vain

The Vietnamese, like any other Asian countries, are fairly modest and humble. If you pay a compliment to them, they will refuse the praise or compliment you in return. It is how Vietnamese people maintain harmonious relations with friends and colleagues. However, it must be admitted that Vietnamese people are a little bit showy. They would like to possess expensive stuff, such as a nice car, high-end products or fashionable clothes, instead of the cheaper ones and will try their best to get that materialism.


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