Travel in any country, adjusting a new culture is necessary for all of you, and Vietnam is too. Travel to Vietnam, visit the stunning view, meet the nice people, sometimes, You also have pay attention to the variety in Vietnam culture. Vietnamese people are always proud to show their love for foreigners. They will always welcome your enthusiasm, even if sometimes you’re wrong, they can easily skip your false, and of course, it means that anyone wants to make wrong again. If you are planning a Vietnam vacation package, this article will be useful for you. So follow the things you should dos and donts when traveling in lovely Vietnam.

Things You Should Do in Vietnam

1. Greeting in Vietnam

In Vietnamese culture as well as the culture of most countries in the world, greeting plays an important role in communication. Especially, it will be better if you are great a person with his / her language. For example, “Xin Chao” is “Hello”, or “ Cam on” means “Thank you” for their help. By these words will show your respect and feel extremely grateful to them.

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2. Dress Suitably When Visiting the Sacred Places

When you visit the sacred places in Vietnam such as temples, pagodas, or church, you must wear modestly. Don’t try to show your shoulders, your chest or have to cover your legs

3. Using Both Your Hands When Someone Gives You Somethings

When someone gives or take something to somebody, You should use both hands in steads of one hand. This shows your respect with them when you take or give something. Because Vietnamese think that Giving or Taking something for someone means you receive happiness, so Both of you have to happy.

4. Cover the Large Tatoo

Vietnamese follow traditional life. While Having tattoos on the body is more common in the West. So if you have horner to visit Vietnamese home or the temple. Beter than you should cover the tattoo with long clothing items as Vietnamese just think those images on your body are evil.

5. Shopping in the Super Market is Better

It’s more convenient when shopping in the supermarket or grocery store instead of buy at the local market. In the supermarket, the public the price, the food is more quality assurance. In the local market, sometimes you have to bargain which can be 5 times with the real price.

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6. Keep all the Valuables by Your Side

If you have much cash, you can dive into several parts and put them in different places, in case you meet the pickpocket or lose money elsewhere. And remember that, don’t bring too many things with you.

7. Always Carry a Map or Using Google Map

Usually, you can get the map at your hotel, or your cat gets at travel information agency. Streets in Vietnam are complicated for foreigners, there are many narrow streets, especially in the Old Quarter, even the local people sometimes can be lost in the Old Quarter. Better than using the GPS software on your phone/tablet to find the best place you want to go to. Besides, you also need to keep your Hotel card. And you have to accept that not most of the driver or taxi have good English skills.

8. Ask for Permission Before Taking Pictures

Taking pictures is not accepted in many historical places. Look the sign or you can ask your guide before taking Photos. Don’t make intentionally or offer the money if getting disagreement. Especially, more carefully when visiting the military area.

9. Bring Small Gifts If You Visit Vietnamese Home

When you are invited to visit the Vietnamese house, bring a small gift to show your enthusiasm. The gift can be too larges or expensive, the Vietnamese value the love, the spirit more than the material. You can bring a bunch of flowers, a cake, or fruits.

10.Install Motorbike Apps for Moving

If you want to go somewhere in the capital, using the app on your smartphone such as Grab bike, Go Viet, Bee, which will give you the distance and then the price. You don’t have to bargain or have pay a lot of money when using traditional transportation. Sometime they will also have a discount which nearly you don’t have to pay much money.

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Things You Shouldn’t Do in Vietnam

1. Don’t Wear a lot of Jewelry or Valuable Items

When traveling in any country, wearing valuable items will become the target for pickpockets or robbers. So it’s better than don’t wear valuable items when going out.

2. Don’t Express the Affection of Love in Public.

Holding hands or hug doesn’t matter, but if you kiss in the public, you will be the center for the people look to. It’s not comfortable with Vietnamese in the public.

3. Don’t Go too Fast When Crossing the Road

Cars, motorbikes everywhere, If you are foreigners, better than you should wait for the traffic lights. Especially, if you don’t have skill passing Vietnam street. Pay attention to around things or you can use your eyes, nod your head, raise your hand as the sign if you want to pass the cross

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4. Don’t Wear Your Bag in Your Back when Using Public transport

When getting on the bus and not have one seat, wearing your bag on your front while you must stand during the drive, otherwise, thieves can utilize their knives and get back all your belongings from the bag.

5. Don’t Try to Buy at the First Price

One of the skills when you buy something in Vietnam, Don’t try to pay at the first price, which can be 5 times with the real price. Try to bargain with the vendors, and show that you’re friendly, you will have a good price.

6. Don’t Go too Late on the Street

Better than returning your hotel before 11.30 p.m if you go alone. Some of the streets in Vietnam is quite complex.

7. Don’t Use the Coconut Photoshoot

Mostly in Hanoi, street vendors with baskets of coconut will ask you if you want to use the coconut photo shoot. But while you walk away, they’re chopping open coconuts for you that cost an obscene amount. You didn’t ask for? And you have to pay silly money.


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