A trip to Vietnam will bring to you the best experience. On the last day in Vietnam, if you wonder what should you buy in Vietnam for your friend or family, here we will offer you the top 10 Best Vietnam Souvenirs. Shopping in the traditional markets, or visit the famous shops in both Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, find the gifts from real Vietnam become easier than ever. Check it now, and take note of what you want.

1. Ao Dai Vietnam

To be inspired by the imperial Chinese, as a national garment for males and females in Vietnam, it’s a tight fitted long dress worn over long pants. The style and traditional variety have evolution in many years and used by Vietnamese women. The traditional clothes are not only worn on Tet or the special day, but it also is worn in the daily. So, Ao Dai Vietnam is an ideal Vietnam Souvenir for international tourists when visiting the beautiful country.

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Where to Buy Ao Dai?

At Hanoi, it’s easy to buy Ao Dai, You should buy on the Hang Gai Street in the Old Quarter or Dong Xuan Market. Then you can bring the material to a local tailor to get a local to get it made. Or you can buy Ao Dai which is ready-made and fit on you.

2. Home Decor

A corner of Vietnam will be at your home. The product is designed from the real ingredients of Vietnam will make your home more luxury and cozier than ever. To get inspires from watercolor, papers, and pencils, which has become the idea of creating artistic masterpieces.

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Where to Buy Home Decor?

In Hanoi, there are many places buy the home decor products. However, there is a prestigious address, which is known by many tourists at Nguyen Moc Décor, located at 31A Van Mieu Street, which gather most of the products to decorate your home become cozier. Nguyen Moc Décor with the luxury home décor such as art coffee tables, unique colored pencil tables, art dining tables, art wood wall clocks, art wine glass holders, metal hairpin legs, surely makes your home more alluring.

3. Bamboo and Wooden Products

Mentioned to bamboo and wooden products, Vietnam leading to the products which are all hand-woven and available in a large variety of colors. The product such as the beautifully carved bamboo hats or salad bowls, trays, baskets and more such items made out of bamboo and wood. The products to make from bamboo is also friendly. As the same with the products from Nguyen Moc Décor, wooden products like a bamboo dragonfly is also a very unique souvenir the make great decoration in your home.

Where to buy Wooden Products?

If you are in Hanoi, you can visit Bamboo Village Shop at Xuan Dieu street, Tay Ho District. Or else shopping at Mekong Creations at 68 Le Loi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

4. Vietnam Conical Hats

Besides Ao Dai, Non-La also becomes a symbol of Vietnam and can be seen on drums as old as 3000 years. As an umbrella or a hat, which is associated with most of the Vietnamese women when they on the rice paddies. Nowadays, Non-La is not only used for the farmers, but it also used as gifts for the tourists when traveling n Vietnam. The Non-La is decorated by the variety of the colors drawing the Vietnam landscapes which make it is not simply to wear.

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Where to buy Non La?

If you are in Hanoi, easy to find a shop buy Non-La with many sizes. Visit Souvenir Shop in the Old Quarter or Dong Xuan Market. In Ho Chi Minh, You can buy at Binh Tay Market. The price is from $5 to $10

5. Vietnamese Artwork

Here also a great idea for those who love painting. The painting about Vietnam, the landscape, the people will remind you that, you have ever traveled to Vietnam. Until you come back home, this beautiful land still in you. That will be a small corner in your living room, your bedroom or even in your office. Let’s put Vietnam live in you.

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Where to buy Vietnamese Paintings?

Continue to the familiar address, Nguyen Art Gallery will be a great idea for you. Most of the painting is the confidential product of the famous artists in Vietnam, who drop their soul to make amazing paintings.
The only dress at 31A, Van Mieu street in Hanoi

6. Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is known as one of the famous souvenirs. For those who are fancy coffee, this will be a great suggestion to buy as a gift to bring back home. Enjoy the black coffee, Vietnamese iced milk coffee, or egg coffee, which make you have a wonderful day to push your work.

Where to Buy Vietnamese Coffee?

In Hanoi, easy to find the coffee house in the street such as the Old Quarter area, Le Van Huu Street, Highlands Coffee. Or Some of the brach such as G7, Trung Nguyen, Vinacafe at the supermarkets in the whole country.
In Ho Chi Minh, you can drop at Phuc Long Coffee Shop.

7. The Products from the Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam

If your trip in the North of Vietnam, The products of the ethnic minorities could be a wonderful offer. Vietnam with 54 different ethnic groups and their own distinctive culture which reflect their culture on their clothing products. Therefore, the products from the ethnic minorities often come with very different woven patterns, colors, and designs, which create a unique Vietnam souvenir. Normally, the products are more popular in the mountainous tribed hills but you also find in the major cities in Vietnam

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8. Vietnamese Tea

Vietnamese tea has been a traditional drink for Vietnamese in the household and society in general. Back in the day, tea drink accompanied aristocratic work or artistic work such as appreciating nature, composing a poem, calligraphy…
Nowadays, you can find easily the Vietnamese tea anywhere. There are three types of teas such as green tea, plain black tea and scented tea (jasmine tea, lotus scented tea). Find the Vietnamese tea at the Supermarket or Tea shop.

9. Vietnamese Silk.

Vietnamese Silk will be a great gift to your family and your friend. Silk is the product made from the insects such as silkworms, moth caterpillars, raspy cricket… The silk here is still made on traditional handlooms and the best place to buy this is at the silk village in Van Phuc, Hanoi or Hoi An, which is regarded as the biggest market providing Vietnamese silk.

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Where to buy Vietnamese Silk?

In Hanoi, buy it on Hang Gai Street in the Old Quarter Area.
In Ho Chi Minh, take a trip to go Ban Thanh market.

10. O Mai

In the past, the Vietnamese people used O Mai as food with a medical purpose. However, up to now, Omai is regarded as a snack or food, which displays in the coffee table in Vietnam. The main ingredients of O Mai are the fresh fruit such as plum, lime, peach, star fruit, … Upon your interest, you can choose the flavors which are diverse with sweet, sour, salty, spicy,….

Where to Buy O Mai?

We offer 2 address you can follow here:
In Hanoi, visit Hang Duong, Hoan Kiem street, in Hanoi
In Ho Chi Minh, the location at Ham Nghi Road, District 1.


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