Have you contemplated the beauty of Hanoi, Vietnam yet? Hanoi, the capital of this S-shape land, brings an ancient yet unique look that nowhere in the country has. And taking a motorbike trip is the best way to enjoy the undeniable gorgeousness of this city.

Moreover, what happens if a travel-enthusiast is prone to be carsick? A motorbike will be indeed the most ultimate choice in this case.

However, it may be challenging to travel around Hanoi for those who do not have a motorbike. Do not worry. We are here to help you with an ultimate guide on motorbike rental in Hanoi. Stay tuned and consult this article.

Vietnam motorbike tours club
Vietnam motorbike tours club

Types Of Motorbikes And Their Strengths, Weaknesses

How many types of motorbike are there? Can you differentiate between them? Basically, there are two main types and each of them is suitable for specific situations. Then, we will talk about their strengths and weaknesses right now.

Automatic Transmission Motorcycle


First, the automatic transmission motorcycle makes users comfortable while driving as it mainly requires hands instead of legs to control the speed.

Second, this type of motorbike is designed for both males and females. Most notably, this motorcycle has a wide plump that makes it ideal for those who want to carry a lot of things to travel.

Third, the scooter uses tubeless tires, so in case you hit the nail, you can still go for further distance to find a place to repair the vehicle.


Because the engine is not as powerful as the manual transmission motorcycle, this bike works well only on flat roads and highways. You will find it difficult to drive on rough and steep roads or mountain passes.

Besides, this motorbike costs a high fee for maintenance, so it may be a drawback for traveling Vietnam by motorbike.

Mechanic Transmission Motorcycle


Compared to the automatic transmission motorcycle, this one is much more compact and it consumes less fuel. It was born for those traveling on a tight budget. Besides, the repair and maintenance costs are much lower.


However, this motorbike cannot contain too many belongings, so I think that those who bring all the world will not want to use this vehicle. Also, this mechanic one requires the driving skill for a two-wheeled vehicle, so first-time users may not get used to driving this motorbike.

How Much Does Motorbike Rental in Hanoi Cost?

Typically, you have to rent a motorbike for at least one day. Some rental places do not offer short-time rent for you. And the cost depends on the types of bikes and rental time. For example, an automatic transmission motorcycle often costs higher than a mechanic one.

Motorbike rental in Hanoi often ranges from about 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND per day. The more days you rent a motorbike, for example, a weekly rental, the more discount the owner will give to you. Especially, on holidays, the cost can be higher. 

But if you rent a dirt bike for off-road experiences, you will have to pay much more. For example, to rent a Honda CRF250L at BM Travel Adventure – a Vietnam motorbike tours operator in Hanoi, you need to spend about 55 USD per day, but the longer you rent, the cheaper! 

Wonderful motorbike tracks journey to Phan Rang – Cam Ranh
Wonderful motorbike tracks journey to Phan Rang – Cam Ranh

Where To Hire A Motorbike In Hanoi

Motorbike rental services in Hanoi are quite prevalent. Walking around the streets in the city, you will find out dozens of places to rent motorbikes. You can come to some districts such as Cau Giay, Long Bien, Dong Da, Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, and so on to rent one. 

It is a good option to ask the host of your hotel or homestay to hire a motorbike there, however, the price can be higher. If this hotel does not offer a rental service, they can tell you some nearest places for you to consult.

On top of that, you can come to some prestigious travel companies in Hanoi. If you need some advice, we will say that BM Travel Adventure is an ideal choice. 

What Do You Need To Prepare For Hiring A Motorbike?

Prepare Enough Essential Documents When Hiring A Motorbike

First and foremost, cash is a must when hiring a motorbike for your trip, including deposit and rental cost.

Almost all rental places require a deposit for motorbike rental. Hence, you had better prepare a deposit in advance. Meanwhile, some only ask for your identification papers instead of a deposit. But be careful! The quality of these places might be not as good as expected. The motorcycle may be broken down easily or its engine is weak.

Secondly, you have to prepare payment in proportion to your rental time. Well, I think more money will be better.

Before starting the trip, it is necessary to bring your ID card, driver’s license, and passport. You can leave these essential papers of the one sitting behind you. You do not want to get trouble when the traffic police ask for your driver’s license, right?

Check Out The Rental Information And The Motorbike

There are lots of things you have to check out before picking up a motorbike.

First, check the tires and brakes. Besides, check if the number of lights, horns, and mirrors are good enough, you should kick-start it and drive around for sure.

Most notably, it is a must to keep your eyes on the vehicle papers and the rental agreement. Please ask for the original registration and vehicle insurance instead of a certified copy.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental Price
Vietnam Motorbike Rental Price

To Sum Up

Starting a Vietnam motorcycle trip to come and see the mesmerizing beauty of Hanoi and other awesome places in Vietnam will definitely give you the most fabulous experience that you should try once in your lifetime. However, we know your concerns when taking the trip, especially a motorbike one.

Have you known handy tips on motorbike rental in Hanoi after reading the article above yet? Hopefully, you have! Now it’s time to take a powerful motorbike and enjoy every corner of Hanoi!

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