Vietnam is a beautiful country, located in the Southeast Asia region, with mountainous terrain and long coastline, making this place a beautiful landscape and diverse culture. It is because of the natural elements and special culture that has created for Vietnam many different types of tourism such as Vietnam trekking tours, Vietnam motorbike tours or City tours… All are attractive and have interesting features separate guide. Come to Vietnam, surely every tourist wants to have good memories, new discoveries in this country.

So how to get the best feeling? Vietnam motorbike tours club will answer questions for you.

With many different types of travel, each type of travel brings visitors own impressions:

About Vietnam trekking Tours, you will have a great day exploring nature, climbing the mountains to see the majestic scenery and leaving many beautiful pictures, but with a large country like Vietnam, there are too many places where you can come to have many different experiences, Trekking tours cannot give you many cultural experiences in Vietnam.

About City Tours, a short tour, you will not have to go far to find yourself special things in Vietnam, In big cities every service is perfect, you can shop, watch movies, find understand architecture … but you won’t know how beautiful Vietnam is after the electric lights.

There is another type of tourism that meets many factors from the experience of culture, cuisine or the majestic natural paintings of Vietnam from old forests to long beaches with a bright color of sand, blue of the sea. That is Vietnam motorbike Tours.

Vietnam motorbike tours club
Vietnam motorbike tours club

The special thing of Vietnam motorbike tours

Vietnam motorbike tours’ difference compared to other types of tourism in Vietnam is that you will find for yourself the unique emotions, you sit on a good motorbike, on the winding roads according to the river, or embracing the mountains, the roads bring you to many different cultures of Vietnam, you can go on the arterial road of Vietnam like National Highway 1A connecting from the north to south Vietnam is overlong 3000 km, or legendary roads to come to Ha Giang where only stone and trees are available ….. Each road leads you beyond the boredom of the city, the noise comes to peaceful and fresh land.

Because of seeing the strength of motorbike tours in Vietnam today, especially in Hanoi, there are many travel companies organizing quality motorbike tours, bringing a lot of value to tourists, besides they also Motorbike rental to create the most comfortable, most choices for travel enthusiasts, especially those who love and choose Vietnam as the next destination.

Prominent among them BM Travel or Vietnam motorbike tours club. This is a professional travel company, they have many strengths to organize a perfect tour of motorbikes, especially they have many different types of motorcycles with the level of rents are reasonable, it is and is already meeting most of the demand of motorbike rental of tourists, are you the next one?

About Vietnam motorbike tours club:

 Vietnam motorbike tours club is a travel company, headquartered in Hanoi, Established and developed to bring good values ​​of Vietnam to international friends, besides creating good value to the local community. The company is run under the hands of an experienced tour guide, he understands how to make his visitors feel the best for the trip. It is because of these factors that we are constantly growing and have gained prestige in the market.

We have built many types of tourism such as Packages Tours, trekking tours, city tours or especially Motorbike tours. Besides, We also rent motorbikes so that visitors can discover and experience our country.

Things to know Vietnam Motorbike Rental in BM Travel.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental Price.

At BM Travel, there are a lot of different motorbikes serving the demand of renting motorbikes for tourists. Our motorcycles are of high quality such as Honda XR 150, Honda CRF 250 cc, Suzuki DRZ 400 cc … Our motorcycles are regularly maintained to provide safety and stability when used by visitors. Not only that, we are confident Vietnam motorbike tours club is the cheapest motorbike rental company in Vietnam.

Vietnam motorbike rental price: Honda XR 150 cc

This is a good, strong and durable motorcycle. Especially, there is rarely a problem on the road. At the same time, this is also our cheapest rental motorbike.

Price: 25 USD/day

Vietnam motorbike rental price: Honda CRF 250 cc

This is a motorbike from Honda, a reputable motorbike company all over the world, strong and durable, suitable for the mountainous terrain of Vietnam, especially this is a motorcycle loved by tourists. Best and most rented at BM Travel.

Price: 55 USD/day

Vietnam motorbike rental price: Suzuki DRZ 400cc.

This is the most advanced motorbike we’ve rental, It embodies the best thing on a motorbike, only the real experience makes you love this car.

Price: 75 USD/day.

Conditions for a rental motorbike at BM Travel:

  • Contact us first to answer your questions and we will prepare you the motorbike you rent.
  • Prepay 100% of motorbike rental fee, it is mandatory for us to serve you best.
  • Leave your passport or you must deposit 30% of the value of the motorbike for us. It is a sure thing to make sure you keep the motorbike good for us.
  • We will sign a motorbike rental contract in our office and you must pay the motorbike on the date of the contract, if you want to hire more please let us know.
  • In the process of renting a motorbike, if you leave it damaged, you must pay to repair the motorbike, the corresponding amount to repair the broken part.

In addition, we have a lot of travel tours by motorbike such as Northern loop Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Ho Chi Minh trail Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Off-road Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, Sapa Motorbike Tours, Ha Giang Motorbike Tours…., 

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