In off-road Vietnam Motorbike Tours, motorbikes are an indispensable means for you. Of course, a driver’s license is considered as an inseparable thing to most of the off-road motorcyclists

Nothing is better than interesting experiences, discovering new lands with your motorbike. Therefore, choosing a motorbike which is suitable for long off-road Vietnam Motorbike Tours is quite a necessity. Will it depend on the type of vehicle you choose for your trip to have a different driver’s license in Vietnam?

Foreign Licenses

It is sad news that your foreign licenses is not available in Vietnam. Therefore, you should keep reading to know more about driving license in Vietnam.

IDL – 1968 Convention international driving license

Luckily, from August 1st, 2016, IDL is available in Vietnam with the 46/2016/ND-CP degree. It is such good news to hear. Though, it only allows 3 countries according to the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic on IDPs. In case, you own a 1968 IDP, it is possible for you to buy an insurance policy that guarantees your trips in Vietnam. It is also necessary for you to bring along your home country driving license together with a motorcycle endorsement. If so, your riding is no longer illegal in Vietnam.

IDP – 1949 Convention international driving permit

There are a number of countries including Australia, UK, USA and Canada where permission for the 1968 Convention is not counted but allow 1949 Geneva convention. Hence, if you are citizens of one of those countries, sadly, you are not able to ride motorbikes in Vietnam with your IDPs.

Local License

It is compulsory for a Vietnam driving license if your motorbikes have the capacity of greater than 50cc. Then, there should need an A1 license for under 175cc and A2 for ones with over 175cc of capacity. Insurance policies in Vietnam are like a long process, you will need to talk more with us to gain more details.

We will go to details to assist you with the whole process as well as a way to get a local Vietnam motorbike riding license. BM travel places one office in Hanoi, it will be more convenient for you to know about Hanoi riding before reaching other provinces.

Driving Status

It is a recommendation from Vietnam Motorbike Tour team to firstly know your status before getting started.

Right now, having a Vietnamese motorbike driving license seems to be impossible when you are a tourist visa. All you need will be a business visa, work permit or a residence card. And the process of registering motorbikes in Vietnam also needs these.

Status 1

It is possible for you when having your home country driving license to operate automobiles or motorbikes. Though, a tourist visa will be the only thing you have. Up to now, there is still no way to convert your home country riding license into a Vietnamese one.

Status 2

Having your home country driving license and it is possible to operate both automobiles and motorcycles. In this case, you can get an equivalent Vietnamese riding license without taking into a test. Shortly, it is converting your license.

Status 3

Have in your hands home country riding license but you are only able to operate an automobile. If you are in this status, it will be possible for you to get a motorbike license as long as you pass a test of riding motorbike. It is still a luck that you do not need to have a theory test on motorbikes.

Status 4

You do not bring along any driving license that permits you to operate an automobile or motorbike. In this status, it is necessary for you to pass two tests including theory and driving ones. You also need to notice that you have to pass the theory test written in Vietnamese on the computer screen with  20 questions. To pass this test, you need to have the right answers for 18 questions. It is even more troublesome when there is no interpreter. Clearly, it requires you to have fluent Vietnamese both speaking and writing.

Status 5

You bring your home country riding license with a motorcycle endorsement. Besides, your IDP (international driving permit) is valid according to the 1949 Convention (mentioned above). It is sad though when in Vietnam, your licenses are not accepted.

Status 6

There have your home country riding license along with motorcycle endorsement. Added to this, your IDP is still valid based on the 1968 Convention (also mentioned above). It is good news that you do not need anything else. Please, have these documents with you, you are going to have legal ridings in Vietnam. Yet, it can only be legal when there is a displacement limit of your licenses.

Converting Motorbike Driving License in Vietnam

This is considered the easiest way for you to obtain a Vietnamese motorbike driving license. Then, there is no need to take any theory or riding tests.

It can only be possible until you own a home country motorbike driving license. Moreover, it is needed to have a business visa or a residence card which has at least three-month validity. Converting your home country driving license into a Vietnamese license is simpler.

There also requires copies of your passport, visa and your home country driving license. It only takes you 1 or day to have copied things done. Any offices of BM travel can handle these documents. Then, you will have to wait more 7 or 10 days (Status 2) to get your Vietnamese motorbike driving license.

When you need a riding test (Status 3), it takes time a little bit longer. Usually, the weekly test will be arranged somewhere in Hanoi. It sometimes takes times longer to make you wait.

Your applications for a temporary driving license must be directed to Hanoi Urban Transport Management and Operation Center. It is located on 16 Cao Ba Quat street in Hanoi.

Application of Driving License in Vietnam

Things become more complex with this way to get a Vietnamese ss in Vietnamese with 20 questions. There is no other way if you do not have a valid home country driving license for cars or motorbikes. CBT from the UK cannot guarantee.

As a way to have a Vietnamese motorbike driving license, it demands a Vietnamese residence permit or a work permit, a business visa with at least 3-month validity and a sponsor company as well. It is vital to have copies of your passport and visa. These documents should be translated and notarized at any notarization offices. Besides, waiting for a theory test can waste you more one month.

Like stated above, Vietnam Motorbike Tours team suggests that your applications for the temporary driving license must be directed to Hanoi Urban Transport Management and Operation Center. It is located on 16 Cao Ba Quat street in Hanoi.

Service Companies

In fact, some companies or people in Vietnam offer you a service of getting or converting your riding license into a Vietnamese one. Copies of your paper are usually required. Though, the service is quite expensive with a starting price of 250$ US for A1 license and 400$ US for A2 license. It is too expensive and unaffordable, isn’t it.

Your Decisions

It is a smart choice to book an Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tour held by BM travel to have a less risky and safer Vietnam motorbike road trips as well as no worries about Vietnamese motorbike driving license. As another choice, you can hold yourself a self-guided Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tour to save budget but it is risky when something happens and your money still is lost.

From our many years of experience, there will raise a problem for you when it comes to getting out of town and finding the way back to Hanoi. With the help from our Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tour guide, it is easy to get through this. Safe and sound.

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