Go to the land of Phan Rang with sunny and wind, then to see it sunny to burn the skin. This trip we had a really enjoyable experience. Discovering the land of Phan Rang, experience the spectacular scenery along the coastal road Phan Rang – Cam Ranh, there are many places to attract us. We eat delicious food, be more new friends really happy. In this article, I would like to share some experience gained from Phan Rang motorbike tour for your reference

DETAILS OF MOTORBIKE TRACKS TOUR: Wonderful motorbike tracks journey to Phan Rang – Cam Ranh

Total Distance: 55km

Duration: 1-3 days

Route: following the coastal road from Phan Rang to Cam Ranh Bay [MAP]

Road Conditions: excellent new coastal roads, light traffic

Scenery: beaches, mountains, forests, fishing villages

The Vietnam Motorbike Tours Cam Ranh

Run along the beach along Phan Rang – Cam Ranh on DT702 Road, you will not be surprised when there are so many nice bays and pristine beaches. From Phan Rang – Thap Cham city to Cam Ranh district, Khanh Hoa, DT702 coastal road embracing God Mountain national park has long been a dream road for those who love exploring.

Just out of Phan Rang city, we go through Nai swamp. Located in Ninh Hai district, Nai swamp is one of 12 coastal swamps in our country. It is a typical tropical dry-season swamp. Nai swamp possesses a relatively rich ecosystem of fauna and flora. It is also home to migratory birds and the livelihoods of many fishermen and salt makers.

Nature offers ecology with swamp and many different fish species, besides the swamp also make many tourists enjoy the soft and passionate. A quiet space and a beautiful space enchanted. A place with beautiful images and attract people to see here. The dam will certainly not disappoint you. It will bring value to the tourist and economic landscape with water images and fish species raised there.

With a natural area of ​​1,200 hectares, containing about 24 million cubic meters of water, Nai swamp has 320 species of fish live, one of 12 important swamps of Vietnam. The swamp is typical of the tropical dry-swam that regulates flooding, balances groundwater and “lungs” to clean the ecological environment. The economic resources of Nai swamp are about 4,000 households with about 30,000 people in Khanh Hai, Tri Hai, Phu Hai, Hai Hai and Tan Hai communes of Ninh Hai district. Farmers invest in intensive farming with shrimps, snails, crabs, oysters along the swamp with the area of ​​about 800 ha.

Especially with natural marine fisheries, the volunteers bring their income to the daily life of thousands of families.

Coming to Nai swamp, you will not only be immersed in nature, but also have the opportunity to discover and learn the peaceful life of the countryside around the swamp.

We continue our Vietnam motorbike tour to visit Rai Cave, in the south of Vinh Hy Bay. From the center of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city, we take the 703 provincial road straight to Rai cave. Road to the cave is very easy to leave, the outside has clear notice. We buy tickets to the port, send the car outside.

In order to get out, you have to be very careful about stepping over the slippery rocks, but compensate for the outside of the scenery and have cool, clear lakes.

This is one of the places often mentioned in the single track tour to discover the beauty of Ninh Thuan, but after many years of introduction, Hang Rai beach in Thai An village, Vinh Hai commune, Vinh Hy, where in the past there were many The live otter is still in the reach of players, photographers or people who love to throw fishing rods. Because I do not have time so only here about 1 hour.

Currently, the cave has been managed by God Mountain  National Park tourism, selling tickets at 5,000 VND per person. Ticket sales are to have conservation costs, keeping hygiene when visitors to the east.

All that you see at Rai is just a small part of the honeycomb rock. We asked the local people the way to the Red Rock. You will have to wade through the fields of garlic, chili, running on sand about 1 kilometer to get the honeycomb stone. The rock is very wide, the feeling goes on forever and not.

Not to be much tourism, Hon Do still retain the beauty of wild, intact with the beach in the clear, no shadows of the waste.

Along the coast you will be able to admire the beautiful natural scenery with golden sand stretches, the blue ocean or the vast salt fields … Especially when coming to Hon Do you also have easy body Coral reefs of various types and shapes are abundant.

We also immerse ourselves in the fishing life of fishermen with experience of harvest fish, seaweed … full of fun.

In addition to beautiful scenery, Red Island also has interesting historical stories. Here we visit the old tunnels, Che Man King grave and find out about the history of the Kingdom of Champa as well as the History of Hon Do name …

We also buy garlic oranges (garlic with a branch) is a very rare garlic to bring as gifts. This type of garlic is taken care of for a long time, accumulating many nutrients and essential oils, often used to soak the alcohol to treat back pain, abdominal pain …

Then we are back along DT702 road, also go through God Mountain National Park to return to Vinh Hy Bay, one of the main attractions in Phan Rang – Cam Ranh.

Vinh Hy Bay is a small bay located in Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province. Located north-east of Ninh Thuan Province, 42 km from Phan Rang City. Vinh Hy Bay has the surrounding mountains.

In the west, God Mountain is 1040m high and the Lo su stream flows all year round to the bay. The Gulf of Amanoi is famous for its luxury and luxury.

The bay is small, surrounded by God Mountain so the weather in Vinh Hy is quite mild and pleasant all year round. Vinh Hy Bay also has many wild features is a beautiful natural beauty, with much white sand surrounded. On the one hand is the sea and 3 mountainous forests.

If going from city center to Ninh Chu bridge continue to follow the road 702 to Vinh Hy Bay. Road to Vinh Hy Bay is beautiful and majestic. Fresh air does not have as much smoke as the city. Feeling so comfortable

The road is quite deserted to have 1 to 2 vehicles passing by. In general, I like to hope to arrange the time to travel this road

Finally, we also reached Vinh Hy Bay. Since breakfast is not so light stomach is a little hungry, so go straight to the bay always see the place to eat Lunch

And then we go to the dock to buy tickets: 40k / 1 person. There is a small market in front of the dock, we can buy fruit and some snacks for next our trip

We go in a boat that can carry 20 guests. At the bottom of the glass is a view of coral reefs. The boat will take you around the edge of the small island to visit for you to checkin and watch the coral. Water is very clear and glass bottom boat you can watch the coral and take pictures comfortably.

The rocks in Vinh Hy Bay are perfectly arranged. Standing but not too high and covered by trees. Make a picture go to the heart

Eating on Vinh Hy Bay:

After the motorcycle tracks tour around the bay will take you up to eat some foods and bathing. The seafood here is also relatively rich and not very much. Oysters here are also delicious. Buy fresh seafood and then bake and enjoy quite interesting

Take a dive and see the coral in Vinh Hy Bay. Having a swim in the sea with a diving glass to watch the coral is so good

The beach is clean and clear, giving you the feeling of being able to come here to enjoy the sea. But you should also carefully swim into the eating area because the coral rock is very sharp.

Those who want to spend the night on the bay can go to the resort there for relaxation.

Vinh Hy Bay – Binh Tien Route – Back to Phan Rang

Returning to Phan Rang, visit some places in this city such as Po Klong Garai Tower, Ba Moi Vineyard.

Ba Moi Vineyard:

Approximately 7 km from Phan Rang, Ba Moi Vineyard in Phuoc Thuan Commune, Ninh Phuoc District is now one of the unique sites of Ninh Thuan Province. The vineyard has 7 grapes, of which 4 are fresh grapes and 3 are used as wine. Interestingly, all visitors to the vineyard are eating grapes, drinking syrup, wine free …

The first impression on Ba Moi Vineyard with us, that is the brand “Ba Moi”. It makes us think of something very personal, very wild, very explored … But, just when he met “Ba  Moi”, we were surprised, because it is a person. Men under the age of 70, solid, close and very professional, no less than an agricultural engineer. Take us to the vast, full of fruit gardens, Mr. Ba Moi has introduced the process of forming farms, just answered the questions asked of guests. Nearly 100 years ago, the French brought grapevines to trial in Ninh Thuan land. Unbelievably windy weather, dry land here is suitable for this very difficult crop.

Po Klong Garai Tower

Nestled on the hill of Trau over many years, Po Klong Garai tower is not only a testament to the existence of the former Champa country but also a place to preserve the traditional cultural values ​​of the Cham people. . For more than 600 years, Po Klong Garai Tower has always been the most ancient and beautiful Cham tower in Vietnam.

Legend has it that Po Klong Garai tower was built to show gratitude to King Po Klong Garai (1151 – 1205), who contributed greatly to the country and was built by King Shihavaman (also known as Che Man) from the end of the 13th century to the beginning of the fourteenth century. In particular, the Po Klong Garai tower consists of six towers, however, today there are only three intact towers: the Gate Tower, the Fire Tower and the Main Tower.

From the first steps set on Trau hill in Phan Rang – Thap Cham city (Ninh Thuan), visitors will admire the majestic beauty, glittering and nostalgic of Po Klong Garai tower cluster. As they approach the towers, visitors will be able to see the delicate, sharp lines by the perfect architectural art, the most beautiful in the time. Most of the towers are built of dark red clay brick, bonded together by a local vegetable glue called oily oil.

On the high hill where tourists also feel old soul, old, calm and ancient Cham towers in Ninh Thuan travel. At each of the different towers, you will discover a new artifact, gaining a traditional value in the architecture, culture and religion of Cham Pa.

The tower has two connecting doors along the East-West axis called Gate tower, which is about 8.56 m high and carved elaborately engraved pattern. The Gate Tower is built on the principle of the higher the smaller, forming the apex at the top. This is also the entrance gate of worship, sacrifice and welcome guests of the king.

With the last stop at the Main Tower, visitors will admire one of the most beautiful Cham towers still intact through the ups and downs of the flow of time. The main tower is the central architecture of the Po Klong Garai tower and bearing the color of Cham cultural architecture.

The main tower has only one main arch in the east, sculpted by Siva and has two large pillars supporting the ancient carved Cham. In addition, the tower also has three false doors radiate in three directions southwest – south – north, brick facing convex, concave carved statue in the interior. The main tower is about 20.5 m high, designed in many floors, around the corner of the tower there are square squares with small stone statues and animals. Inside the tower is the statue of King Po Klong Garai with the symbol Mukha – Linga.

When visiting the Po Klong Garai tower in Ninh Thuan single track tour, visitors also learn about the history and culture at the Museum of Cham culture. This is a place to store, preserve and display books and images of Cham people from the beginning of this land. You can also choose to buy some beautiful brocade gifts as souvenirs in Ninh Thuan offroad tour it!

Experiencing historical events and changes of time, Po Klong Garai tower is not only intact in artifacts but also a place to preserve the traditional values ​​of Champa culture in the land of Ninh Thuan. In the midst of the sunny and windy land of the central land, the towering Po Klong Garai tower sits high above the hill as an eloquent demonstration of the small Champa Kingdom that existed in the past centuries.


+ Experience one of the most beautiful beach route in Vietnam, much appreciated for beauty, peace

+ Enjoy unique festivals of the native Cham

+ Visit Green vineyards to stretch sand hill

+ If the North is always proud of the Ha Long Bay, in the heart of Central Vietnam, Vinh Hy is as beautiful as the other wonders. Vinh Hy brought a picture charming travelers when they go there.

Visiting this tower was the final motorbike tracks tour of Phan Cang- Cam Ranh and experience the interesting places. Whatever we experience on this single track tour is a precious experience we had. To have such a nice and safe offroad tour, we are not hometown thank Vietnam Motorbike Tours, has arranged for us a motorcycle ride so exciting. On the journey also could not lack a companion that is Honda Motorbikes 125cc from Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club Team,

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